Red Top Mountain State Park


Lake Allatoona


The Swimming Beach

There is a sandy beach area and a roped off swimming area in the southeastern part of the park. This is a popular place for parents with small children and for anyone that needs to take a dip in the lake to cool off on a hot Georgia summer day. There is a parking area here and a building that has bathrooms and a place to change.

This areas of the park just happens to offer other things for the kids too, so it can make for a really nice day trip with your children. What else is there? For one there is a putt-putt golf course not far from the beach. Just off the main beach parking area you will also find a large playground area. It sits atop a little rise and there are some nice views of the lake from here. Of course if you want to stay in the park for more than a few hours you will need to eat, which makes all the picnic tables and barbeque grills found here really nice too.

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